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    cozy corner

    Love that wall

  2. Kauai - its a dream!


    Kauai is known as the Garden Island and encompasses roughly 550 miles of dramatic sea cliffs, waterfalls, canyons, plunging ravines, beaches and bays.

    Really, how can one place have it all??

    Kauai Tourism Website

    My top 10 things to do in Kauai:

    1. Stay in West Kauai or in the Northern Kauai to mingle more with the locals and experience the real slow pace life of Kauai’ans. We stayed in the Northeastern side, near Kilauea, in a beautiful beautiful Bed & Breakfast Inn called Palmwood Inn. The owner was a retired Investment Banker from L.A and her sense of style, the house and her hospitality was beyond our expectations. Reading some of her Japanese Architecture book collection, I started to admire the house even more and got to know that all her furniture was made using Palmwood - the most socially responsible decision - made by Pacific Green Furnitures

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